The Schedule

September 26 - 28, 2024
First Day

Registration begins a 3:00 pm. Players who have not registered either by mail or electronic, may register now. Cash only to register at the event. Complementary snacks will be served.  Side Event begin.

Second Day

Registration Continues at 10:00 am  and Closes at 11:00 am. Only cash payments will be accepted.  Main Events begin. Additional Side Events will be added throughout the day.

Third/Final Day

Main Events continue at 10:00 am.  Side Events will be added throughout the day.  A complementary  lunch will be served.

Rules and Code of Conduct

The NorCal Backgammon Championship adopts the rules and code of conduct most frequently used in all tournaments. Every player who registers for this tournament is expected to review these conditions.
By registering it serves as the player’s acknowledgment of the rules and code of  conduct and their agreement to adhere to them.